How to remove the spend grain automatic?

How To remove the spend grain automatic? 

After lauter, the spent grain needs to be removed.

There are three kinds of way to do it

1.    Manual remove by hand,it is use for the brewhouse capacity below 1000L.

2.    Adopt Rake plow mounted on the rake to realized spend grain automatic

The Rake plow is made of silicone and stainless steel and it can be lifted manually with a steel handle or chain. During the lauter, we lift it up to not effect the filter bed. After finishing the filtration, we drop the Rake plow down and start the lauter motor. Then the Rake plow rotate with the motor rake and thus push and sweep the spent grain is used for the capacity more than 500L.

3.    Another way to remove the spend range by Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise plow device, Clockwise(stirring), counterclockwise(spend remove)

4.    Another way use auger transfer the grain out auto



Time : 2019-02-27